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Website Design
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​Stoney's Web Design specializes in creating beautiful equine website designs for the horse industry.  Our personal involvement in the reining horse business gives us an intimate knowledge of the horse industry uncommon among web designers.  

We offer 2 basic website packages:

  • $1,200 Full Custom - up to 6 pages ($75 per page after 6).  Includes set-up, content development; searchability on main pages. On-line control panel available for self-maintenance, or maintained by us.

  • ​$1,800 Mini Shopping Cart - up to 6 pages and 30 products, additional products at a flat rate each.  Includes set-up, content development, searchability on main and sub level pages.  On-line control panel available for self-maintenance, or maintained by us.

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Logo Design
LonestarNurseMaresLogoMASTER - 3D on charcoal.jpg

​We know that your logo is the most important part of your business branding statement.  We know getting it right matters, and getting it right the first time saves money.

Our logo design is $250 ($125 deposit).  If we've done our job like we know how, we nail it in the first set of drafts, no problem.  But if we need to make an extraordinary number of drafts, there may be extra charges.  This price get you the master files, print and web versions, and simplified stitch versions.


If you require secondary versions (for instance, your main version is a square for shirts and hats, but you need a rectangular version for sleeves) those are $50 each. 

Ad Design
Rafacz Ad RFM June 2019.jpg
12-23 One Time Up North V2.jpg
5-24 Reiner - Crystalized Whizkey copy.jpg
3-23Carl Ad copy.jpg

​Print and social media advertising is at a premium, and continues to play an important role in today's technologically advancing world. Whether you are advertising in traditional print magazines, or incorporating on-line venues, ads are ads are ads, and they need to attract attention.

With a background in art and photography, Connie Stoney can create beautiful results that command notice, then drive your message home with tasteful clarity.

All ads are $150 flat.  Additional fees for multiple page layouts may apply.  This includes any size, full color, black and white or anything in between. 

Elevate your business branding presence with many other available items.  The possibilities are limitless. 

Displays & Banners
NothingButBlu Graphic Template 10x10_4X4straighthopup_endcaps copy.jpg
Beckett 2023 Graphic Template 10x10_4X4straighthopup_endcaps copy.jpg

Banners, Stall Screens, Displays

Let your brand make a statement at the horse shows.  From arena banners, pop-up stall screens, or upright, retractable displays to custom chair and table graphics, to whatever in the world you want representing your brand, we have you covered.  The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Camera ready artwork for displays is a flat $150, regardless of size, and artwork for arena banners is a flat $75-$100 (some exceptions may apply).  You have the product produced at the vendor of our choice.  We work regularly with our favorite established companies, and can advise you as much or as little as you require.

Dry Erase Boards
24X36 Peak View Ranch - scripture2.jpg

Dry Erase Boards

Yet another way to customize your business and express your special brand.  Every trainer and barn deserves and organized way to keep track of daily functions.  There is no better way than a fully customized feed or training board created by Stoney's.

Camera ready artwork for displays is a flat $150, regardless of size.  You have the product produced at the vendor of our choice.  We work regularly with our favorite established companies, and can advise you as much or as little as you require.

Photo Editing
7-22Reiner-CadeandMatt  copy.jpg

Photo Editing

Turn ordinary photos into works of art.  Stoney's Web Design offers expert photo editing services using the most advanced software.  Any high resolution digital image is a candidate.  Remove halters, bridles, flaws, and background elements or just enhance colors and deepen tones.  Prices start at only $50.

j6 - on black.jpg
t49 DSC_0384.jpg

Stoney's Web Design is proud to offer award winning photographic services by Amy Stoney and Connie Stoney.  We serve the north Texas and southern Oklahoma regions, and can schedule for special events, as well.  A morning or afternoon session is a base price of $250, with nominal additional fees for editing and post production.  We will photograph your family, your horses, your place, your favorite dog or whatever you like.  Each photo shoot will include signed, edited and artistically cropped photos that are yours to keep and use however you like.


We also offer many stock photos and artistic photos for sale or use.  Our work has been featured in major equine industry magazines, and is used frequently in corporate equine marketing campaigns.  


Video Production

Stoney's Web Design offers full production professional promo videos and commercials.  We can use footage we gather or that which you provide.  Prices start at $350 for up to two minutes promo video.  A video intro is a one time fee of $150.



Video Production
Social Media Mgt

Social Media Mgt

Amy Stoney is now offering social media management services through Stoney's Web Design. 


Starting at just $300 per month, you can put your business in overdrive.  Begin with scheduled weekly posts, videos and reels and website updates, then choose special event posts, horse show draw and results posts, sale horse highlight reels, discounted sale horse video production and discounted photo shoots at your ranch when used for social media purposes. 

Combine the graphic excellence and high service standard of Stoney's Web Design with the specialized media management and photo and video skills of Amy Stoney and escalate the presence of your stallion or horse business today. 

Online Forms
ScreenHunter_2408 Feb. 09 15.25.jpg

Online Forms

Do you need online forms and contracts for your business?  We can provide beautiful, functional forms with a content management system so you can mange them yourself. Offer tracking, notifications, and auto-replies.  Collect documents, registrations, payment and real signatures.  Perfect for breeding contracts, liability releases, training agreements, horse show entries, or just set one up so customers can log in and pay their bill on line. 


Forms start at a one time fee of $100 and cost varies depending on the number of fillable fields. Content management cost only $8 per month.

Custom Swag
TB 1.png
cofee cup 5.png

Custom swag

NOTHING COOLER THAN HAVING YOUR LOGO ON STUFF :-) Pretty much if you can imagine it, we can put your logo on it.  It can be any high-resolution logo, not just ones built by Stoney's Web Design.  And there are no minimum quantities - you can do one of something or 100. 


We have built a dedicated website for our custom swag ( and a product list of our favorite items and listed prices so you can formulate a budget on your own time.  There are additional products available, so don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or ideas.

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